Regardless of wind and rain, seasons, day and a night, Nike believes every day 365 days a year can run. To help runners overcome the negative factors, keeping the surface dry, the body warm and safe, Nike launched the Nike Shield shoes series, the series uses reflective fabric through a DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, the runners in the cold weather, rain or to keep the surface dry and safe under poor lighting conditions. In cold weather, strong mesh wrapped shoe design soft body and texture of the thick lining of the shoes I can guarantee that your feet comfort and warmth. The series includes (from left to right) Nike Free Run +2 Shield, Nike LunarSwift +3 Shield, Nike LunarGlide +3 Shield, Nike LunarEclipse + Shield, Nike LunarFly +2 Shield and Nike Structure +15 Shield a total of six shoes for runners bring different stability and comfort, so whether you are self-challenge or fitness for entertainment, weather you will not be any obstacles.
1 upper reflective material to improve visibility when light is low.

2. DWR mesh area (durable water repellent) treatment allows runners to hold dry.

3. Nike unique woven mesh upper structure contributes to a compact waterproof warm.

4. soft lining shoes I can warm your feet, ensuring comfort

5. Walt elastic tongues on the soft warm netting; DWR coating the outside of the shoe after treatment, can overcome the influence of weather factors.
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